The Fastest Growing Retail Channel


Online Grocery Pickup


Walmart's Secret Weapon

Nielsen is projecting that online grocery pickup (OGP) will capture 20% of the total grocery retail sales, $100 billion, by 2022. Customers are quickly adopting to this new channel and Walmart is leading the way. 

Walmart has more than 2,100 locations already supporting online grocery pickup and another 1,000 locations to be added by the end of 2019, bringing the total to 3,100 locations. Walmart's aggressive roll out of delivery as an option will further add to the growth of their online program. This is not something Amazon has an answer for outside of urban markets.


Bloomberg, "What Walmart Gets Right About Online Grocery"


Walmart has struggled to keep up with Amazon in eCommerce but OGP is a digital platform where they are leading the way. It may come as a surprise to some, but Walmart shoppers are early adopters in this channel. The customer has quickly recognized the convenience of buying online and Walmart has made it easy for them. 


Walmart's investment into the OGP program has paid off. Their OGP site is very user friendly allowing customers to buy a full basket of groceries in just a few minutes. The ease of use, broad assortment and everyday low prices being delivered to your car or home has made this a great experience for Walmart shoppers.

How can you capitalize on the growth of Walmart's OGP program?


New Tools

A new program requires new tools. Utilizing these tools is the way to take advantage of this rapidly changing market. 


Digital Merchandising

Digital tools can help you grow your brick & mortar business. Combine digital merchandising with your digital marketing to get in front of customers on Walmart's OGP program. Whether you are in groceries or general merchandise now is the time to put your digital tool box to work for your brick & mortar sales. 


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